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If you came to this website that means you got a call or sms from an unknown source. Try our search form for finding that number and find out who called you. If there is no report found yet, leave a comment, start a conversation and help others to identify who called them. This is a completely user supplied database of phone numbers. These numbers usually belong to telemarketers, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day.

This is a free service, as we believe in opennes of information and want to help as many people to avoid being scammed as possible.

Last feedbacks

This company left an automated a message on my voicemail to call back and give a specific code number which they gave me.They did not identify themselves at all. I did not call back.

assumed to be a robo call - didn't leave a message.

Called stating something about a Courthouse and to speak to your appointed Case Officer dial (904) 685-9770. I have no legal issues, but out of curiosity I attempted to call. It hung up immediately.

She has called several times but she won't give her name and location and I have

They texted asking for a quarter ball

Craigslist ticket scammer

Selling life insurance

Company claim they are from SSI, Eveeone knows SSI dont call and operate like that.

DHL Express

The text message says it FedEx.

Claiming to be from department of Justice and threatening arrest

Stated they were from the social security administration

Missed call and left no message

Left no message

Keeps calling. Unable to return call.

I sent in that previous complaint only to realize that this is my old number ???? SORRY!

Hi, my name is Chandler and would just like to state that this number is the one I'm supposed to use to verify ownership of my google account, even though (besides Runescape) I've never set up any verification system with any phone, never seen this number in my life! I tried calling but no one answered. When I search it up the number is affiliated with a house in Orleans Ottawa 5 miles from my old address, I no longer live in Ottawa, our new place is at least an hour drive away.

Something clearly isn't right and frankly don't trust or get any good feelings from the number/house/residents, basically the whole thing is sketchy and I may have been hacked by whoever's on the other end of this line!

did not answer call

It helps for when you get random calls.

This number's owner is a scammer